The new Iplay is all about the customer.  This summer, the world is obsessed with the Summer Games in London, and so are we.  The Iplay Summer Games page is our answer to our shared obsession as we have created a place for us to engage with our customers and share our passion for the games.  Whether they want to connect with their national pride through country-themed games or feel the spirit of the games through teamwork and competition, we have them covered.  Our uniquely curated page enables us to connect the Summer Games in London with a dynamic Iplay gaming experience.

Personally, I love the games and right now my national pride is at an all-time high. While I find myself rooting for every US athlete, watching the best in the world compete at the highest level is truly inspiring and the competition and sportsmanship is great to see. We wanted to translate that passion to this page and provide a destination for our customers to be a part of this worldwide event. At Iplay, we want to show our customers that we understand that gaming is a part of their life.

For the full Iplay Summer Games experience, visit; or jump right in and start playing via the below widget:




Watch with us, play some games and follow @Iplaydotcom on Twitter to see how we are connecting with our consumers about the Summer Games.

For more information on the Iplay Summer Games, read the latest post on the Iplay Insider Blog.

Doug Glickman
Senior Manager, Acquisition Marketing

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